Sunday, March 25, 2018


This year we have the 1:00 church. Right now it actually works out pretty good for us. We can take our time to get ready and the kids aren't as grouchy because we aren't rushing anyone. I got up and made bacon, french toast and strawberries. It was delicious. Then Trent took the kids out for a walk around the property. I spent the morning cleaning up and then putting together Brock's baby book. I haven't been the best at keeping up with our memory books. I am trying really hard to get more organized and getting things off my to-do lists. Hopefully my kids forgive me someday. We went to church and there were some really great talks today. It was a great sacrament meeting. Trent and I started to go to the marriage and family class and it was great. In YW we had a special lesson to prepare the girls for Easter and General Conference. Our YW president really put a lot of time and effort into her lesson.
After church we had the missionaries over for dinner. We had chicken rolls and there wasn't a crumb left. So I'd say they were a big hit. Elder Ence is leaving this week. Jaida said he has been her favorite missionary. He and Elder Nickels have taught our family some really great lessons. I am grateful for their examples of serving. After we made our traditional chocolate chip cookies, its basically a tradition. The kids and Trent played Old Maid together and Brock won. We started to read the story of Palm Sunday tonight to prepare ourselves for Easter as well. I am grateful for this time of year. I love Springtime.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

just another day

Today was just like most Saturdays. Kids always wake up early. But today actually they let me and Trent sleep in a little. Rex is now sleeping through the night and boy is that a game changer. This morning I got up and fed all the animals. We have quite the collection these days. We have 2 horses (Taz and Slim), 4 cows (Peaches, Brisket, Midnight and Hershey), 26 chickens, 12 ducks, 3 cats (Garfield, Cutie and Snowflake), 1 dog (Gracie) and a goldfish. I like to get up and go out and feed them all, unless it is cold outside! We usually do a lot of cleaning up around the house and the yard. The girls call it 'Cleaning up day'. After laying Rex down for his morning nap I was able to escape outside for a little bit with Jaida and it felt good to get out. We went and ran a few errands. We went to the farm store, Home Depot, Wendy's, 2nd hand kids store, Safeway and Walmart. It was a fun time with just Jaida. She is a super sweet girl who likes to be loved.
Trent was working outside with Brock on their tree fort. They have the floor down and it made Brock so happy just to be outside working with Trent. We live on 10 acres and it is a dream world for Brock. He loves being outside.
Trent and I worked so hard to move this little house that we are going to use for our ducks. It was kind of a challenge. It was fun to work together. I would much rather be outside working in the yard or projects than sitting inside doing house work. We were able to hook a chain to the bucket on the red tractor and lift and pull it to another pasture. It feels good to accomplish things like that.
After we finished working out in the yard we got ready and went to our ward Easter dinner. There wasn't a huge turn out but it was a good time. We are really blessed to be in such a good ward. There are a lot of great families that we love spending time with. They had ham for dinner and then people brought salads and desserts. Our kids were super tired so we put them to bed early and Trent and I stayed up and watched a show together.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Today Brock shared his testimony at fast and testimony meeting. ( always nerve racking wondering what he is going to share) 
Brock: well I did a lot of bad things this week. So I was sitting up in my room trying to figure out how I was gonna tell my mom about my bad choices because I knew I was busted. How many of you have been to the dollar store and have seen those solar powered toys that when they are looking at the sun they do a little dance. Well my brother and I have those in our room. While I was sitting up there I looked over and noticed one was dancing and he other one wasn't. So I got up and realized it was because on was facing the sun and the other one wasn't. So I gave it a little turn and it started dancing again. I realized then that that's what I needed to do turn myself to the son of God and make better choices. So sometimes all we need to do is make a simple turn. Or if you don't want to you can learn the hard way! 

I thought it was very cute and heartfelt! Love his little brain!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blueberry picking

I found this awesome local farm here. Today we took the kids to go and pick blueberries. We had such a good time. We also got some apples, corn, eggs and peaches. We are going back for sure. 
This afternoon Trent's work had an amazing party at the park here in town. They had face painting, live band, BBQ, Zumba, bounce houses, snow cones, elephant ears, soda truck. We had a great time. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016


We made an offer I a beautiful home here in Yakima. We have to sell our house in Clovis first. This creek runs along the back of the property. The kids are in heaven. I really hope this becomes a reality.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Checking it out

We drove the kids over to the school to let them check out their new digs. They couldn't see much, but are excited for a new adventure. We will miss our Mickey Cox Family!


We went over to one of Trent's co-workers house today to help clean up their yard. We had a good time and got some work done so he let the kids ride on the kayaks in his pond. Pierce especially loved it.